Do you a learn best in a hands-on workshop?  If so, you may be wondering what it’s like to attend a workshop with Donna Cash.  Photos are worth a thousand words, so let me show you a few.

hands on pillow workshop

A lot of laughter and forming of friendships at a recent hands-on pillow workshop in Maine.

T Bresnahan Pillow Workshop

The students are proud of their creations they learned to make in the pillow class.

pillow workshop

Whether you are an advanced sewer or have never sewn before like Tamara, you will leave with a new confidence so you can build your business or your sewing skills.

fabric origami

Fabric origami pillow fronts were taught by Donna and fabricated by the students.

hands on pillow workshop

Multiple pillow styles, embellished with trims, texture, and zippers of course! All completed in a 3-day, hands-on pillow workshop.

pillow workshop pillow styles

Can you see the joy on their faces? These students accomplished many pillow styles, zipper techniques, and formed friendships along the way during the hands-on pillow workshop.

The bound zipper is a popular zipper technique I love to teach.  It looks intimidating to some, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll love adding it to pillows, duvet covers, and who knows what else?  I think it would be a great embellishment on a cornice board.  What do you think?

bound zipper detail

A bound zipper is a dressmaker detail you can use on pillows, duvet covers, and maybe even on a cornice board!

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Come and learn with me.  I help you build your confidence so you can build your business and your sewing skills.