Do Blue Porch Ceilings help keep bugs away? Is it true? What are the origins?  Thanks for asking! I’ll share this with you here.

Blue Porch Ceiling

Blue Porch Ceilings – The Origins

Once upon a time in the deep South, many people painted their porch ceilings a specific shade of Haint Blue, a soft blue-green, to ward off evil spirits called “haints.” It’s especially common in the historic homes around Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.  Although these originated in South Georgia and South Carolina, they are also popular in Boston and Philadelphia.    You can read more about this here.

A soft white ceiling fan against a blue porch ceiling

A soft white ceiling fan against a blue porch ceiling

Is it true they also help to keep bugs away?

Sky blue paint might actually fool insects as well.  Many people theorize that porches painted a soft blue will trick wasps and other insects into thinking it’s the sky, taking their nests elsewhere.  We’ve just recently repainted our porch ceiling a new shade of blue.  Originally we painted the porch ceiling blue over seven years ago and I can say we have had fewer spiders, wasps, and other bugs trying to take up residence on our porch ceiling.  For a little more inspiration, take a look at this blog written in the Washington Post. 

Choosing your blue ceiling color

Behr M-4803 Bengal Blue

Behr M-480-3 Bengal Blue

Whether you choose a ‘Haint Blue’ or another blue, it’s always a personal decision. Choose a color that works with your decor.  This blog written by Apartment Therapy has links to some popular blue paint selections.   For our porch ceiling, I chose Behr M-480-3 Bengal Blue.

I like blue porch ceilings as they make people feel comfortable and the blue color adds softness and interest.  They say to me, come and sit awhile and relax.  And we can all use a little relaxation time in our lives, can’t we?

Have questions or need help selecting the right shade for your porch ceilings?  Contact me, I’m here to help you!