Let me introduce to you the latest instructional PDF we’ve added to our website, the Contrast Mitered Flange pillow.  This pillow is easy to make once you understand the process.  The instructions include photos with step by step directions for you to follow along with as you sew.

Contrast Mitered Flange Pillow

This contrast mitered flange pillow is easy to make once you understand the process.


Contrast Mitered Flange Pillows

Using the same technique, but changing the numerical calculations, you can easily make the mitered flanges as shown in the two additional pillows shown here.


a few tools which help in making a contrast mitered flange pillow

With your fabric, an Easy Rule ruler and a chalk marker and Donna’s PDF, you’re on your way to making your pillow with a contrast mitered corner edge.

Are you ready to get started?  Click here to find the PDF available on our website as well as some of our other instructional PDF’s.

One of our most popular pillow PDF’s is for the Double Mitered Flange Pillow with Invisible Zipper.

Double Mitered Flange pillow

Double Mitered Flange Pillow with Invisible Zipper is one of our most popular PDF’s and is fun to make.

Not everyone is the type of student who learns from instructional PDF’s.  Is this you?  We offer online education, hands-on workshops, instructional videos for bolsters, duvet covers and bed skirts, virtual education and private training.  Contact me for more information.  I’d love to help you!

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