Patchwork chair seats – the challenges, fun, & following my gut.

Patchwork chair seats

Patchwork chair seats and following your gut.  You may be wondering how these can possibly be related.  Well, really, they aren’t.  Except that because I followed my gut I created these one of a kind chair seats for the sample room here at Designs by Donna.  And I really like them much better than my original […]

What do sewing thread and spices have in common?

Organize thread and spices

What do sewing thread and spices have in common?  Nothing really.   Other than when your sewing thread and spices are organized it is easier to find what you are looking for, making you more efficient at what you are doing. As a workroom owner, keeping sewing thread organized by color and thread type helps me in more […]

In 2017 resolve to take time for yourself every day.

Donna Cash headshot

Hello everyone!  And Happy New Year! I’m starting a new feature on my facebook page in 2017.    You can see my facebook page here: DesignsbyDonnaAtlanta facebook page It’s called Tips and Tools Tuesdays.  Each Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a tip or a tool I use in the workroom, or when designing a new product, or […]

Sewing invisible zippers next to welt cord

When inserted correctly, only the zipper pull shows.

I used to be afraid to sew an invisible zipper next to welt cord …………. until I tried it.  And it worked well.  And all I was able to see was the zipper pull.  And the pillow turned out beautifully, do you agree? After several people shared their concerns with me about sewing this type of zipper, I decided […]

A Pedestal Sink Skirt Adds Storage In A Powder Room

Pedestal sink skirt

A pedestal sink skirt was made for a pedestal sink in a client’s powder room.  Not only is this skirt beautiful, it is functional as well as it adds storage underneath the skirt.   The challenge for me was figuring out how to adhere the pedestal sink skirt to the pedestal sink itself.  Simply adding […]