Fabric arriving at Designs by Donna is checked in and inspected as soon as it arrives.  Doing so may avoid delays with the project if any flaws, inconsistencies in the repeat, or wrong yardage amounts are found upon inspection.  And the same is true for drapery hardware received.

Fabric and hardware

Check-in fabric and hardware as soon as it arrives.

There are a few things for you to check when your fabric arrives to avoid delays in fabrication and job progress.

  1.  Flaws.  Sometimes you may notice a flaw, but other times they may be hard to notice.  I have seen pieces of tape or tags along the selvage indicating flaws.  If you see these, notate at what point in the yardage these occur.  It may or may not be possible to cut around these flaws.  And if that’s the case, it’s imperative to contact the vendor for a replacement.
  2. Check the repeat.  These days it’s not unusual for the actual repeat on the fabric to be different that the repeat notated on the sample or vendor website.  This may mean that the amount of yardage you calculated and ordered may be different than what you actually need with the fabric received.  Again, this may mean you need to contact the vendor for assistance.
  3. Yardage received.  Check the amount of yardage received against the amount of yardage you ordered.

Once you have inspected your fabrics, fill out a Fabric Check-In Tag and attach this to the fabric.  Now, when you’re ready to work on your project, there shouldn’t be any fabrication delays.

Fabric Check-In Tag

Fill out Fabric Check-In Tag and place on fabric, notating direction of fabric

You’ll want to check your hardware for accuracy as well.  Look at your order and check this against the items received.  Making sure you’ve received the correct hardware will make for a trouble free installation, and, both your client and installer will love you!

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