February 28, 1997, is a milestone worth remembering. It was the day we sealed the deal on a property to relocate my business. Transitioning my business from our home to its dedicated space marked a significant step forward. This new space symbolized a place of growth, security, and potential expansion, as my business had outgrown its original confines.

The decision to make the move might have seemed daunting at first, but with the support of my greatest cheerleader, my husband Greg, I embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, knowing it was the right moment for change. I forged ahead without hesitation, eager for the new adventure that awaited me. The transition not only brought a sense of thrill but also enabled me to approach my work with a renewed sense of purpose, working smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

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hands on pillow workshop

The decision to move my business was pivotal, allowing me to envision and actualize grand aspirations. Crafting exquisite pieces with fabric to enrich the lives of homeowners filled my workdays with joy and purpose. Over time, my vision expanded to include not just creating, but also teaching others to design and sew. Inspiring individuals to embrace their talents and skills, both personally and professionally, has become a fulfilling aspect of my work.

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Never stop learning or creating!

Reflecting on my roots and the values instilled by my family remains paramount to me. In my workroom, special items like the watch table from my husband’s grandfather’s repair shop, a ruler from my grandfather’s printing company, and the thread stand from my sewing enthusiast mother serve as constant reminders of where I come from. These heirlooms imbue my workspace with the warmth and love of my family, enhancing each day’s work with their presence. As you pursue your dreams, remember your origins and the lessons learned along the way. May you be blessed in all your endeavors.

a milestone worth remembering

My workroom is filled with the love of family with these family heirlooms

a milestone worth remembering

Mom's tools.

a milestone worth remembering

watch part plaques

a milestone worth remembering

It's 5:00 somewhere!

A milestone worth remembering

Grandpa Colyer's ruler

A milestone worth remembering

Grandpa Colyer's building

a milestone worth remembering

Mom's thread