Blocked Squares Pillow – Free Download

Free Download -blocked squares pillow with large center button

This PDF freebie will show you how to sew a square pillow front using four pieces of fabric.

Pocket Pillow Using Fabric Remnants  РFree Download

This is a super fun and fast project to make using your fabric remnants.

Leather Flanged Pillow with a Snap Flower – Free Download

leather flanged pillow with a flower

This is a super fun & fast pillow to make with just a few supplies.

Insert an Invisible Zipper Pull – Free Download

Free Download 8 adding an invisible zipper pull

Inserting an invisible zipper pull is simple once you learn how. Really!

Fabric Characteristics & Care  РFree Download

Free Download

Learn about fabric characteristics and how to properly care for them.

Joining Decorative BraidCord – Free Download

Free Download

This PDF freebie will show you how to join Decorative Braidcord in 4 Quick steps

Zippers In Pillows – Free Download

Zippers In Pillows

This PDF freebie will show you how to select and use zipper applications in pillows.

How to Measure a Bed – Free Download

Learn to properly measure a bed for great fitting bedding

This PDF freebie will help you learn how to properly measure different types of beds for great-fitting bedding.