You may be wondering what a computer rendering is and why a computer rendering will bring a peace of mind when purchasing custom home goods.  I’m a visual sort of person.  It comes along as part of my job.  I’m able to stand in your home, look at your windows and a piece of fabric and visualize that fabric as a treatment on your windows.  However most of my clients don’t have this ability.  That’s why I provide computer renderings to help you see what your window treatments, shower curtains, bedding ensembles and pillows will look like before you even make a purchase.

photo for computer rendering

Here is a ‘before’ picture of a window in a client’s bathroom. She was concerned with the stacked stone, an unfinished detail left by the previous designer. I used this photo to create a computer rendering for the client.


Studio computer rendering

A rendering on a photo of the window was created and the actual fabrics for the treatment were uploaded and added to the rendering to show the client what her window treatment would look like once installed.

The 'after" photo of the installed window treatment.

Here is the ‘after’ photo with the installed window treatment. The client was pleasantly pleased with her window treatment.


The before  photo of a badly deisgned living room.

In this ‘before” photo, the existing window treatments were hung too low and the room was in dire need of updating. I was called by the designer, Deborah Hebert, as her window treatment specialist to measure for and fabricate new grommet panels.

Studio rendering showing grommet panels

To help Deborah’s client visualize the proper scale and proportion of the new window treatments, a rendering was created using the selected fabric on the grommet panels in the rendering.

Grommet panels installed on an AriA metal rod which is 1 1/8" diameter.

This is the ‘after’ view of the living room with grommet panels installed above the upper windows, just under the crown mold. An AriA metal rod from Rowley Company was used to hang the draperies from. What an improvement over the ‘before’ view!

Shower and tub area 'before' photo for the shower curtain treatment.

Here is a ‘before’ photo of a shower and tub. With the home still under construction, the bath area was measured and a ‘before’ photo was taken for reference to refer to when it was time to design the shower curtain treatment.

Shower curtain rendering done in Minutes Matter Studio program.

This computer rendering was created without designing on the actual photo of the shower/tub unit. The shower curtain treatment consists of a sheer panel to cover the shower curtain liner, a tied back pleated panel in an embroidered linen. The treatment is topped with a soft cornice embellished with tassel trim.

Linen shower curtain treatment

The ‘after’ photo of a well designed and fabricated shower curtain treatment. The client had no unhappy surprises at the install as the rendering helped her to visualize the final look prior to even making the investment in this treatment.

If you would like help visualizing what your next window treatment, bedding, pillow, or cushion project will look like before you buy, contact Designs by Donna and allow me to help you!