I used to be afraid to sew an invisible zipper next to welt cord …………. until I tried it.  And it worked well.  And all I was able to see was the zipper pull.  And the pillow turned out beautifully, do you agree?

When inserted correctly, only the zipper pull shows.

An invisible zipper inserted next to self welt cord.

After several people shared their concerns with me about sewing this type of zipper, I decided to make a video tutorial to show you how simple it really is.

Before watching the video, take a look at these tips which may be helpful to you when sewing an invisible zipper in pillows with welt cord.

  1.  For most fabrics I use a size #3 invisible zipper.
  2. For heavier weight fabrics I sometimes go up to a size #5.   Remember though the zipper pull on a size #5 is about one and one half inches long, so consider your pillow size before you decide to use a larger size zipper.

    Size #5 and size #3 invisible zipper and invisible zipper pulls comparison

    The size #5 invisible zipper pull is one and one half inches long as compared to the size #3 zipper pull at one inch long.

  3. As you sew the zipper next to the welt cord, snug the zipper teeth close to the welt cord.  (Welt is another word for piping.)  I show you how to do this in the video.  My stitches end up about an eighth of an inch away from the zipper teeth.
  4. Clip all threads to prevent them from getting caught in the zipper teeth.
  5. Because the welt cord hugs the zipper teeth once sewn in, sometimes using a pair of pliers will help you close the zipper.  You’ll see me doing this in the video.  Spraying a little silicone on a cloth and then on the zipper teeth will also help in closing the zipper.

    When inserted correctly, only the zipper pull shows.

    Invisible zipper inserted next to welt cord.

Watch the video to take the fear out of sewing invisible zippers next to welt cord and have fun!

Here’s the video:

I hope you liked the video.  If you are interested in additional education, please contact me and find out how I can help you with a live, one on one session.  Here is what a student had to say about a recent session:

Well, I needed some help with making pillows with self-welt and invisible zippers today. So I went to the lady that is an expert in this area. Donna Cash and I met on line and she gave me instruction on how to make these pillows. She is an excellent instructor and it was so convenient to just meet across the miles to accomplish the teaching by just turning on my computer. Look her up if you need some help in this area.   Ruth Z.

For more step-by-step techniques when sewing zippers in your pillows, check my On-line Sewing Classes tab under the Seminars and Classes page on my website.  There you will find a link to my on-demand course, Zippers in Pillows.  In this six-lesson online series you will learn all about zipper insertion methods in a variety of pillow styles.  Or click here to see the page with all my on-line sewing classes & PDF’s.


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