What do sewing thread and spices have in common?  Nothing really.   Other than when your sewing thread and spices are organized it is easier to find what you are looking for, making you more efficient at what you are doing.

Organize sewing thread and spices

Organizing sewing thread by color and type, like alphabetizing your spices, allows you to quickly find just what you are looking for.

As a workroom owner, keeping sewing thread organized by color and thread type helps me in more ways than one.  First, I can quickly locate the thread I need to use to coordinate with the fabric color I am using.  Second, organizing the sewing thread by color and type lets me know if I need to purchase thread when a new project comes in.

Here at Designs by Donna we use several different thread types.  I’ll list these below:

  •  Gutermann Mara 70 when fabricating pillows, draperies, and bedding.  This strong, high-quality 100% polyester thread suitable comes in a large assortment of colors.
  •  Rice Silamide thread.  This thread is a 2-ply waxed nylon thread.  It has a smooth texture and is strong and resilient.  Because of this it is a favorite for ours when hand sewing drapery hems or trims onto pillows or draperies.
  • Guterman Skala 200 U151  is a semi-transparent, fine thread suitable for overlocking and blind hemming.  Because it is semi-transparent a few thread colors blend with many fabric colors.
  • Sunguard UVR tread is UV resistant so we use this for our outdoor products such as draperies, pillows, cushions and umbrella covers.  For the light upholstery we do at Designs by Donna we use Bonded Nylon, in size Tex 70.

With all these thread types we use in the workroom you may understand how very valuable it is to have them in not only color order, but in order by thread type as well.  It sure beats digging through a drawer full of thread looking for just what you’re looking for doesn’t it?

Sort of like keeping your spices organized in alphabetical order.  Right?

To see how I have my thread organized at Designs by Donna, click below to watch the video I made for my Tips and Tips Tuesday.

I’ll see you next week with my next Tips and Tools Tuesday.  Have a week filled with joy and remember to take time to organize something at work or home.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have any organizational tips you’ve found to make you more efficient?  Please comment below.