If there’s one thing I’ve figured out from teaching it’s that each person has a different way of learning.  Some prefer reading to learn a new technique.  Others prefer hands on in order to learn to do something.  And still others want to watch the instructor give a demonstration and explain how to do something.  Due to this, I’ve designed programs to reach students in all of the above methods.  Read on for a few of my class offerings.

Zippers in Pillows is an online on demand course where you can take in the comfort of your own home or workroom and demonstrates step-by-step techniques using professional workroom equipment and supplies. In this six-lesson online course you will learn all about zipper insertion methods in a variety of pillow styles.  Each lesson includes a thorough PDF download supplement with photographs and written instructions.  Reinforce your learning as you go by completing a series of pillow projects outlined in the path of the course and participate in a private discussion group with direct access to other students and instructors to post your questions and share solutions.  You can see more about this course here:

Do you like to learn by watching a video?  In the video, How to Make Bolster Pillows, you will see step by step instructions for making a bolster pillow with a diagonal seam embellished with a decorative trim and gathered ends with fabric covered buttons.  You can see more about the video here:

Maybe you are someone who likes to have written instructions with photos to look at.  With that in mind, Ripplefold Drapery System and How to Sew A Square Bolster are available in PDF format.  Each of these include detailed photographs with written descriptions for you to fully understand the techniques so that you will be able to make the project with success.

Or are you a hands on learner?  Some of my students prefer hands on instruction.  This gives them the ability to work with me and receive feedback so that while you’re actually making your project I can tell you if there is a better way of doing it.  Experience with feedback so that while you’re doing it I can tell you here’s how you can do it better or here’s what you’re doing right or here’s what you are doing wrong.  Or here’s how you can do that better or this was done well or that wasn’t.

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What type of a learner are you?