Pieced Striped Pillows Made Easy – PDF Download.

Working with striped fabric to create directional pattern and impact to pillow designs.

Have you ever cut out and stitched together a pieced, striped pillow, matched the stripes perfectly, only to lay it back out on the table and the stripes were not going in the direction you expected?  I have!  And I have seen this happen in the classroom as well.  That is why I’ve created this educational PDF for you.

This PDF tutorial will help you understand –


  • Pieced, striped pattern designs and how they differ from one another.
  • How to cut striped fabrics for a specific design.
  • Patterning for the pieced, striped pillow.
  • How to work with uneven striped fabric.
  • How to deal with the bias cuts and how to stabilize your fabric.
  • Stitching methods for the best pattern match.
  • Pricing for the pieced striped pillow.

Communication techniques for proper pattern design.