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Seminars & Classes.

Three-Day Pillow Basics Seminar

This hands-on class will teach you pillow terminology, pillow design, and fabrication techniques, and general guidelines with starting points for pricing. At the end of this session, you will have your pillow projects completed in class. This course includes a 32-page workbook to use for future reference.

Zipper Techniques for Pillows, Bedding, & More

Have you ever struggled with inserting a zipper into your project?

Donna Cash has too, and has developed techniques for inserting zippers next to welt cord, decorative braid cord, and brush fringe using both invisible or regular zippers.  Day 1 of this 3-day, hands-on workshop you will learn Donna’s method for inserting multiple zipper applications.  Next, you will practice these methods as Donna helps you along the way.  Day 2 and 3 you will practice your new skills as you learn to make and fabricate 3 different pillow styles.  By the end of this course, you will be able to use these techniques for other items such as duvet covers and cushions.

Three-Day Bedding Seminar

In this 3-day hands-on workshop, you will learn to make a bedding ensemble that will fit a bed in your home, up to a Queen size.
Work with Donna as you make a pillow sham with a flanged edge and zipper, a duvet cover with a zipper closure, and a
tailored bed skirt. Before this intense hands-on seminar, you will receive a PDF with the supplies needed to complete your projects.

All about Flanges & Miters

Flat flanges, contrast miter flanges, double flanges, and wrap-over mitered flanges are to be used on pillows, panels, and bedding.  The class participant will learn how to create different types of flanges and mitered edges with expertise.  Day 1 of this 3-day hands-on workshop the students will explore flanged edges and make pillow samples with 2 different flanged edges.  Day 2 will include instructions for two types of contrast mitered edges to create one pillow front and one complete pillow.  Day 3 will round out this fast-paced class with double flanges with mitered edges.  Donna will guide you as you sew and perfect your techniques.

Ripplefold Drapery System Seminar

Ripplefold panels are simple and elegant and may be at home in contemporary settings as well as traditional.  In this 3-day Hands-on workshop, you will learn to understand the Ripplefold system, how to figure yardage for the different fullness percentages, how to measure for Ripplefold panels, and how to understand Ripplefold track systems.  Additional lessons learned in this seminar are how to sew ‘no stitches showing’ headers, how to add buckram in the header and why this is done, and how to sew Ripplefold to pattern.

Interested in hosting a workshop? Contact Donna to find out more and learn the benefits of hosting a workshop in your location.

Online and Hands-on.

Have you ever attended a hands-on workshop? Are you wondering what to expect?

Do you a learn best in a hands-on workshop?  If so, you may be wondering what it’s like to attend a workshop with Donna Cash.  A lot of laughter and forming of friendships happen for one thing.  Read my blog here and learn more about what it’s like to attend a hands-on workshop. Photos are worth a thousand words, so let me show you a few.

I hope to see you soon where we can form a friendship and I’ll teach you new skills you can use for a lifetime.

Workroom Professionals

Donna Cash offers seminars and classes, online and hands-on, to workroom professionals interested in adding additional skills to increase their product offerings and profits to their businesses. We are known as the pillow and bedding experts in the industry.

A Day with Donna Cash

Have you ever struggled with fabrication methods, figuring yardage or pleat spacing, or ordered the wrong, expensive hardware due to lack of knowledge or experience? Spending A Day With Donna Cash will save you time, money, and aggravation as Donna shares with you a wealth of information from over 37 years of workroom fabrication and design experience. Working with you side by side, Donna will share tips and techniques, tools of the trade, and new and more efficient fabrication methods to improve your production time.

Let’s Get Started

Contact me if you have questions about rates, travel, and workshop size.

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Donna Cash came highly recommended to me being well respected and established as a leader within our industry for Custom Home Decor. She came to my home for four days of instruction. I found her knowledge and skill in both design and fabrication to be outstanding. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn from the finest in the industry!

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