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Seminars and classes, online and hands-on.

  • Workroom Professionals

    Donna Cash offers seminars and classes, online and hands-on, to workroom professionals interested in adding additional skills to increase their product offerings and profits to their businesses.  We are known as the pillow and bedding experts in the industry.

  • A Day with Donna Cash

    Have you ever struggled with fabrication methods, figuring yardage or pleat spacing, or ordered the wrong, expensive hardware due to lack of knowledge or experience? Spending A Day With Donna Cash will save you time, money, and aggravation as Donna shares with you a wealth of information from over 27 years of workroom fabrication and design experience. Working with you side by side, Donna will share tips and techniques, tools of the trade, and new and more efficient fabrication methods to improve your production time.

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The students are proud of their creations they learned to make in the pillow class.


Whether you are an advanced sewer or have never sewn before like Tamara, you will leave with a new confidence so you can build your business or your sewing skills.
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Option One

Visit our On-Line Sewing Classes page for our educational webinars and videos so you can learn at home. New content being added all the time!

Option Two

Donna has a fantastic series of videos on her Tips and Tools Tuesdays pages, start here to see them all.

Option Three

To find out more information on how to schedule A Day With Donna Cash. Call 770-967-6543 or fill out the form above.

Melissa Hamman


Donna Cash came highly recommended to me being well respected and established as a leader within our industry for Custom Home Decor. She came to my home for four days of instruction. I found her knowledge and skill in both design and fabrication to be outstanding. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn from the finest in the industry!

Donna Scott Johnson


Donna’s bolster video series is outstanding!  She shows you step by step how to make a beautiful bolster and shares many great techniques.

Carol Barr Company


I have not done an invisible zipper in a long time and was having an awful time.  Then the lightbulb went off and I thought of you.  I found a YouTube video you had done and the zipper went in beautifully.  I’m going to buy your video on various zipper applications.  You are officially my new superhero.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge as it was priceless today.

Jennifer DeRosa


It was nice to meet you today and see and touch your beautiful pillows in person.  Great presentation and beautiful workmanship.

Joy Wilbur


From the first time I saw this design online, I’ve wanted to learn how to make it. This pillow looks so unique and difficult to create, but it’s actually very simple – thanks to Donna’s pattern. I made some samples and showed them to my designers and they were impressed! Thanks for making me shine Donna!

Jennifer DeRosa


The Double Flange Pillow PDF is easy to understand. I made these pillows for a charity event and I attended the event. The person who purchased them was thrilled and had never seen a pillow like this. Love this design by Donna. Thanks you Donna

Jessica Jackson


Thank you Donna for being so patient and kind when helping me complete the assigned projects.  You have helped take my life in another direction.  Let the adventure begin!

Michele Friel


Donna, wow!  I can’t thank you enough. What an awesome experience to learn from the best. I look forward to reading your articles and learn more.  You are an inspiration.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  

Bernadette Doyle


Donna Cash is the master of talent and patience.

Kim Chagnon

Friend and Mentor

Donna Cash is the master of thinking outside the box and creating one of a kind details to customize her pillows and other work. Donna is “the Embellishment Diva”.

JoAnne Moore


Donna Cash is master of asking for feedback and implementing that feedback into her work.  She is also master of boiling down complex processes into simple steps.