When making multi width drapery panels, adding an interlock stitch at the seams will help keep the seams lined up as they hang.  Without this stitch the fabric layers may shift making the draperies look untidy or messy.

An interlock stitch in drapery panel

Sewing the interlock stitch is quick and easy when using your thumb to pinky measurement.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to add an interlock stitch to your drapery panels.

  1.  Work from the base or hem end of the panel to the top.

    Thread needle through loop in knot

    Thread needle through the loop in the knot as you begin the interlock stitch.

  2. Place the seams of your face fabric and interlining and or lining together.
  3. Pick up only a few threads of each seam as you sew your interlock stitch.
  4. Make your stitches about six inches long, or the length of your thumb to pinky.

    The distance between thumb and pinky for an interlock stitch.

    Using the distance between your thumb and pinky will allow you to have an equal distance between your interlock stitches without having to measure.

  5. Continue this stitch pattern from the base of your panel to the top.
  6. Tie off at the end and bury the thread in the stitches.
    Bury the thread.

    The end of the thread is buried under the serged stitches.

    Watch this video to see how I sew the interlock stitch at Designs by Donna.

Are you using the interlock stitch?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment in the section below.