Learn to make a leather flanged pillow in just a few easy steps.

a leather pillow with a flower on itThis leather flanged pillow was a snap to make!  And speaking of snaps, the three-part flower is attached to the leather pillow with a snap so the flower can be exchanged with a new flower to give the pillow a totally different look.  Think of changing up the look for each of the four seasons of the year.  Talk about versatility!  Oh, and if you don’t like zipper insertion, no worries on this one.  I used a creative stitching technique to sew it closed.

Leather flower with a snap

This leather flower is attached to the pillow with a snap, making it interchangeable.

I’ll have to say, this is only the second time I’ve sewn with leather and honestly, it’s a lot easier than I expected!   Talk about having fun and getting those creative juices flowing!  I wasn’t sure where I was going with the flower other than I wanted some dimension to it and I also knew I wanted to attach the flower with a snap.  Talk about thinking about the end before even knowing how to get there!  Yup, that’s me and how my creative brain works.

Just for fun …..

Just for fun, I shot a time-lapse video of the leather fabrication process in my sewing studio.    Watch me making the leather flanged pillow

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What’s inside?

For this pillow, I used a polyester pillow form.  Do you want to know more about pillow forms?  read my blog about pillow forms.  I share about different types of fill and what you need to know about size for your pillow creations.

Ready to make this leather flanged pillow?

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