Pillow Forms – All You Ever Wanted To Know

Did you know pillow forms and what’s inside these may be the contributing factor to the overall look of your beautifully designed and fabricated pillow covers?

Do you know the difference between duck down and goose down and which make better pillow forms for pillows?

Do you know why some down and feather pillow forms are more costly?

What if your client is allergic to feathers and down?  What type of pillow forms will give the luxurious look of down?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out!

Shapes of Pillow Forms

The most commonly available shapes are square, rectangle, bolster, neckroll, and round.  These are available in knife-edge, and some companies also carry boxed shapes.  Some manufacturers will make custom sizes and shapes.  For these, you may be required to provide a template, so be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if you need to send a template or not.

Specialty shaped pillow forms are available from vendors who make custom sizes and shapes. These inserts are available at American Down & Feather.

Fill Type

Pillow forms come in different types of fill, or what is inside.  Some come with polyester fill, polyester clusters, microfiber, hollow fiber, down, or a mixture of feather and down. Others may be filled with buckwheat hulls, kapok, wool, or foam.  With all these types of fill, it may be challenging to figure out which type to use in your pillow cover.  Some pillows need structure so using a foam insert may work the best.  If you want your pillows to hold a ‘karate chop’ something with a softer fill will do the trick.  Sometimes you may want the pillows to stand up like soldiers but still feel soft.    Pillow Forms – All You Ever Wanted To Know, is a PDF download and was written as a handy reference guide for you to know which type of pillow form will give you the overall look and feel to your beautifully created pillows.

Sizes of Pillow Forms

Common sizes available may range from 10″ x 10″ square to 30″ x 30″ square.  Some common rectangle sizes are 12″ x 16″, 14″ x 18″, and standard, queen, and king size bed pillow sizes.  There are also bolster and neckrolls and circular.  The shapes and sizes will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so you’ll need to check on which size your preferred vendor carries.  As mentioned above, custom sizes may be available if the vendor you purchase from offers custom orders.

A few of the more commonly available pillow insert shapes and sizes.

How To Find Your Favorite Forms

There are many vendors available.  So, which is the right one for you?  Is there one vendor who makes these better than another?  The answers to these questions will be based on the quality of the product you offer to your customers or if you are making pillows for yourself, what do you want the inside of your pillow to be dressed with?  Another factor is the location of the vendor to your location.  Shipping costs may be based on how far the package will travel to you, so consider this.  Also, consider if the vendor allows you to purchase one, or are you required to order a case of pillow forms?  So you see, there isn’t a right or wrong, it is about personal preference.  You make the call.

Pillow forms covered and uncovered.

Pillow forms covered and uncovered.

With all this information at your fingertips, let your creativity soar.  Don’t limit your pillow designs to only the common sizes and shapes.  Create beautiful designs and have fun!