Take your Pillow Designs to the next level by first learning the basics.

When designing pillows do you jump into your pillow designs and add all the details right from the start?  Only to realize you’re missing a necessary skill in order to make the pillow as perfect as you’d like it to.

You’ve probably heard the statement doing less helps you to accomplish more.  Learning the basics first, and then adding more skills will allow you to accomplish more in the long run.

To show you how I made this pillow,  I used two of my online PDF tutorials to make this boxed pillow with contrast mitered flanges.  A few of the things you’ll notice about this boxed pillow is the topstitching at the corners and that the corners match up well.  Topstitching is a detail I love in my pillow designs.  This PDF tutorial with photos will teach you this technique and how to get the corners lined up perfectly the first time.

Boxed Pillow with Contrast Mitered Flanges

The instructions for making this pillow are included in two PDF downloads, Boxed Pillows, and Pillow With Contrast Mitered Flanges

I combined the instructions How To Make Boxed Pillows with the instructions for the flanges from Pillow With Contrast Mitered Flanges.

A boxed pillow and a pillow with mitered flange

A boxed pillow with the addition of mitered flanges takes a boxed pillow to the next level.

When I’m inserting zippers, I always start with zipper coil and insert a zipper pull.  When you do this too, you’ll always have the right size zipper for your project.  Not too big, not too small, but just right.  My favorite zipper type is the invisible zipper.  Here’s a quick video showing you how to insert the zipper pull on the invisible zipper chain.

Remember, learn the basics first.  Then elevate your designs by building new techniques together and create one of a kind designs.

For more PDF download instruction available on my website, be sure to check here.  You’ll find pillows, bedding, and more to help you take your skills to the next level.

Stay tuned for future blogs where you’ll learn how to combine techniques for additional pillow designs.

I look forward to helping you build your confidence so you can build your design and sewing skills.