I love pillows.  And I love inserting zippers in pillows.  Invisible zippers, lapped zippers, zippers next to welt cord, bound zippers in pillows, and zippers as embellishments in pillows.  Love them all!  I love inserting them so much, it always surprises me when someone tells me they would rather close a pillow with hand stitching than by inserting a zipper.  Are you one of those people?  If so, do I have something for you!

Pillow Wall

I love pillows so much I made a pillow wall in the sample room at Designs by Donna

In 2015, I was asked to put together a Zippers in Pillows course for The Workroom Channel.  And of course, I was happy to do so.  This would give me a chance to help you and others who are fearful of inserting zippers.

This course is an online, on-demand course and you can watch it at your convenience.  Filmed right here in my workroom outside of Atlanta, GA, I show you demonstrations of step-by-step techniques using professional workroom equipment and supplies. Each lesson includes a thorough PDF download supplement with photographs and written instructions. I encourage you to reinforce your learning as you go by completing a series of pillow projects outlined in the path of the course.  When you’re ready, you will participate in a private discussion group with direct access to other students and instructors to post your questions and share solutions.

Here are four of the five zipper applications you’ll learn in the course.  You’ll also learn how to insert an exposed metal zipper presented by Jeanelle Dech.  I don’t have a photo of this, but it is a great detail you’ll love to learn and use in your pillow projects.

An invisible zipper in a knife edge pillow

The only thing that shows when using an invisible zipper is the zipper pull.

Lapped zipper construction

Use a lapped zipper when a difficult trim is sewn at the seam. This keeps the zipper just above the seam. Use color matched thread so your stitches blend with your fabric. The contrasting thread shown here is for demonstration purposes.

Zipper next to welt cord in a pillow.

A zipper next to welt cord made well has a flap that covers the zipper teeth.

A bound zipper

Pillow with contrast bound zipper is both decorative and functional.

This course is about learning the basics.  After you learn the basics, you can start applying these in other ways like some of the pillows below.

advanced zipper technique collage

Angled lapped zipper, invisible zipper for a round boxed pillow, and a zipper behind a contrasting placket are zippers you will welcome trying once you learn the basics of inserting zippers in your pillows

For a small sample of what you can expect in the Zippers in Pillow course, you can also watch this short video I prepared on sewing an invisible zipper next to welt cord here

Not an online kind of student?  No problem!  I provide private training in your workroom or mine, hands-on workshops, and I have several how-to PDF’s and videos for sale on my website, DesignsbyDonnaAtlanta.com

Let me know how I may assist you.  I help to build your confidence so you can build your business or sewing skills to the next level.

Contact me at donna@designsbydonnaatlanta.com