Bolster pillows are just one of the pillow types I love to make.  They’re really very simple to make but sometimes the ends of bolster pillows can be tricky to figure out.

learn to sew bolster pillows

Bolster pillows are simple to make and can have fun and creative embellished ends.

Have you ever made a bolster pillow with a sunburst end and ended up with a big hole after gathering all the fabric into the center?  What do you do then?  What if the buttons you have are too small to cover the hole?  Not to worry!

bolster pillow end hole

A hole that is left at the end of a bolster pillow after the ends have been gathered will need to be covered.

For me, this is where the fun begins!   Are you ready to think outside the box?  Here are a few of the ways I love to embellish the ends of bolster pillows.  Let’s get creative.

large button for bolster

Make a big button using a metal ring, gather the ends, add a bit of batting and snug up the stitches. Make a yo-yo out of lining and stitch to the underside of the button.  And then add button twine before attaching to the bolster ends. Easy right?

Simple, right? And for some pillows, that’s just the right ending, do you agree?  Let’s look at some bolster ends and get a little more creative.

bolster ended with a celtic cross and button

This two-tone Maltese cross embellished with a fabric covered button as a bolster pillow end. Do you see how adding the Celtic cross helped to enlarge the button so that the hole is covered?

When using stripes, the way you cut the bolster ends determines the look at the end of the bolster.  I call this fun with stripes.  Which do you like best?

buttons made of countourflex

Make large fabric covered buttons by covering ContourFlex, from Rowley Company. Embellish the embellishments with fabric covered buttons or my flowing flower detail made with two contrasting ribbons for additional visual interest.

The two bolster pillows below are embellished very differently.  However, they accomplish the same thing.  Consider embellishing the embellishments on the ends of your bolster pillows.  Use your creativity to add color, texture, and interest to your pillows.

bolster pillow ends

Make a fabric puff and embellish it with a bead or button for texture and interest. Or make a pretty button, centering a motif and surround it with a pretty loop fringe. Cute, aren’t they?

Here is a bolster pillow I really love.  This bolster pillow is ended with a simple button.  I designed and fabricated this for a step by step video for Kim’s Upholstery. You may watch the video and stop and start as you sew along with me.  Click here to purchase the video.  Let’s sew together!

bolster pillow for Kim's upholstery

This bolster pillow has a diagonal seam embellished with a flat trim covering the seam.  Learn how to make this bolster pillow in 9 streaming HD video lessons here.

I’ve shown you several examples with ideas and I could go on and on but don’t want to overwhelm you.  But I really want to help you get your creative juices flowing.  And once you come up with one idea, I think you’ll see there are many other ways you can easily cover up the ends of your bolster pillows.

Do you want to learn to make some of the embellishments and more with me?  Contact me and let’s set up a virtual consultation or even a hands-on workshop in your area.  Want to know what it’s like to attend a hands on workshop?  Read more in this blogContact me for more information.

And why don’t you share your ideas by leaving a comment in the comment section below?  You’ll be helping others to get their creative juices flowing too!

If you know someone who would benefit from reading this blog, please feel free to share it with them, okay?  Thanks and God Bless!